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Client Testimonials

"It is my pleasure to recommend the services of Jennifer Bryant. My husband and I were regular weekly clients of Jennifer's until she moved to Texas. ! Each session was filled with a demonstration of her skilled knowledge of the body's muscular system, along with a holistic approach to complete mind body wellness. Her ability to understand and individualize each client's massage needs was exceptional. Jennifer simply is the best!!!!!"

Jo Beth Novosel
Mechanicsburg, PA

"Jennifer is a brilliant massage therapist. She has a technique like no other therapist I have met. She listens to you and has a way of finding just the right spot to help heal the pain or take away the stress. I highly recommend her for your next massage! You can’t go wrong!"

Donna Turner
Vintage Texas Realty
Schertz, TX

"Jennifer Bryant is the best massage therapist I have ever worked with. She is professional, gracious, and above all extremely talented. Her technique is very specific and yields results. I have had lots of massages at spas and they feel nice and relaxing at the time, but the next day the tension is back. The positive effects of one of Jennifer's massages stays with you for weeks. She is effective at communicating with you to find out what your particular issues are and helps you see the connections between tension in one part of your body and another. I have never had a better massage therapist than Jennifer. Her positive energy and passion for her craft make all the difference between a surface "feel good" spa massage and an actual therapeutic massage that changes your body and spirit for the better. My only regret is that we do not live in the same city, so I could hire her to work on me every week!"

Charity Schubert
New York City, New York

"I'm an athlete and I went to work with Jen because of pain in my back, neck, and shoulders. I have a hard time finding people that I trust to work on me who don't create more pain than healing! Jennifer was completely on top of it and had me feeling much better in just a few sessions. She is very knowledgeable and when I described to her what I did for work, she was able to pinpoint trouble spots and work on them with great effectiveness. She was also very helpful giving me exercises that I could do to continue loosening and stretching in between sessions. I loved working with Jen and to this day I have not found anyone else that is nearly as effective or pleasant to work with!"

Lani Holman
Head Trainer of GPH Equestrian Inc.
Draper, Utah

"I spent years going to doctors and chiropractors for lower back pain…nothing worked until Jennifer evaluated my problems and developed an individualized plan using structural integration techniques. I now have my full range of motion and experience no pain. I am back to doing activities that I have not been able to do in years!"

John B.
San Antonio, Texas

"I have had massage services performed by dozens of therapists, including those at spas at major resort destinations throughout the country, and no one has come close to offering the experience that Jennifer offers. Whether it is therapeutic or simply for relaxation, Jennifer's extensive knowledge and experience will produce the perfect treatment. Because Jennifer is both very professional and very personable, she creates a wonderful, relaxed environment. You are certain to leave feeling great both physically and mentally. Once you've experienced a massage with Jennifer, you are certain to become a returning client."

Stephen R. Kern
Harrisburg, PA

“I am happy to say that my first massage experience was a pleasant one because it was with Jennifer. If you are anything like me I was not comfortable with the idea of a massage done by a stranger. Take my word for it you will be very happy if you allow Jennifer to work out those nerves! She provides a very professional and relaxing experience. She is very thorough and she tailors the massage to meet my needs. She takes her time and really makes an effort towards the wellness of my body. I would definitely recommend a visit to see Jennifer.”

Monty Mitchell


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